Tapio Lehtinen is a lifetime sailor and
keenly in love with the Oceans of the World.

Tapio’s first circumnavigation took place in 1981, as he participated in the Whitbread Round the World Race as the watch captain onboard Skopbank of Finland. The second round was the Golden Globe Race 2018, in which he finished 5th after an arduous journey troubled by thousands of barnacles attached to the bottom of his boat. This achievement, powered by Finnish Sisu, made him the first Finn to have raced single-handed nonstop around the world.

Currently, Tapio is preparing for another solo circumnavigation in the next Golden Globe Race 2022, as well as for the Ocean Globe Race 2023 with a full crew of young sailors. Both these races are sailed with traditional boats and methods: everything based on digital or satellite technology is forbidden except for safety use.

Tapio onboard Galiana with his grandson Emil

On my voyages around the world, I have witnessed firsthand how nature has changed. The biodiversity has narrowed and continues to do so; there are fewer birds, fewer fish, fewer sea mammals. All the trash in the sea and the smog above the shipping routes are giving a strong signal.

As someone who loves nature and the sea, and also speaking as a grandfather, I want to take action to preserve this beautiful planet for generations to come. In my future projects, I want to work in cooperation with companies and organizations that are part of the solution, not part of the problem. I want to promote innovations, concrete solutions, and ways as to what we can do, to keep our planet clean, diverse, and viable.

We still have time to put it right!

Tapio Lehtinen sign

Tapio Lehtinen
+358 40 049 5678

Tapio's Greetings to Femina Summit Oceans, Lisbon 2020

Don McIntyre talks about Tapio's coming projects

Tapio in a Finnish commercial for Black Horse that manufactures underwear from recycled plastic bottles.




Tapio's Book is Available Now!

For the time being, available only in Finnish.

"Vihdoinkin on tehty todella hyvä suomalainen purjehduskirja – Tapio Lehtisen tarinan sijoittaa mieluusti kirjahyllyyn alan klassikoiden kanssa."
- Aamulehti

"Lehtisen ja Pusan kirja on paljon enemmän kuin vain purjehduskirja, seikkailutarina maailman­ympäri­­purjehduksesta – se on matka yksinpurjehtija Lehtisen sieluun."
- Totalvene.fi

"Pusan ja Lehtisen kirja on mukaansa­tempaavaa ja upeilla valokuvilla höystettyä luettavaa."
- Iltalehti

"Tapio Lehtinen kiersi yksin maailman meret kirotut barnakkelit riesanaan: seikkailusta syntyi moni­särmäinen kirja"
- Helsingin Sanomat

"Kirja on täynnä uskomattomia kertomuksia siitä, miten hän korjasi veneen varusteita, rantautui Tasmaniaan ilman moottoria ja kryssi viikon Uuden Seelannin eteläkärjen kohdalla pääsemättä juurikaan etenemään kohti päämääräänsä."
- Venelehti

Hear the full story from the man himself!

Tapio is an inspiring speaker for your event.

A successful career as an Industrial Engineer with experience in strategic planning and leading teams in various organisations. Life-long sailor with two circumnavigations done and two more planned. He’s been around, so to speak. With respect to the current state of the world, Tapio sure knows something about being remote, alone, and isolated.

Always be prepared for the worst. Be scared beforehand, so that you don’t have to be when the going gets tough. Trusting your team, sharing common goals, adapting to new challenges, and finally making your dreams a reality. These are just some of the themes Tapio will be touching on. Not to forget his first-hand experience on the global state of the environment. Tapio has devoted his future to the future of our common planet.

The presentation can be delivered in English, Finnish, or Swedish.

Contact: tapio.a.lehtinen@gmail.com, +358 40 049 5678

Tapio Lehtinen
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Contender Sailcloth supplied the sailcloth which WB-Sails turned into a fantastic set of sails for Asteria which were still in good shape after the 2018 Golden Globe Race. Longevity of products is one important part of sustainability - I am going to use most of those sails again in the 2022 Golden Globe Race.
Monday January 17th, 2022

Contender Sailcloth supplied the sailcloth which WB-Sails turned into a fantastic set of sails for Asteria which were still in good shape after the 2018 Golden Globe Race. Longevity of products is one important part of sustainability - I am going to use most of those sails again in the 2022 Golden Globe Race.Sustainability is something we all need to take our responsibility for. By investing in a new energy supply Contender Sailcloth has severely reduced their carbon footprint with 30%. As sailcloth manufacturers we are very well aware of the fact that the sailcloth industry is by far not that sustainable yet as we would like it to be or as some claim it to be, but by keep on innovating and researching we are positive that in the end we will get there!

#lessco2 #lessco2emissions #carbonfootprint #contenderfinishinggmbh #contendersailcloth
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Wednesday January 12th, 2022

We were thinking of opening a cool night club here in Helsinki, but unfortunately the covid situation has gotten worse and night clubs have to stay closed. 😫 So we will skip that idea and continue with the original refit plan. 🛠 ... See MoreSee Less

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Wow, nice lasers you got ❤ Danny show is so last season 🙂

You can't sail in a night club..


Tuesday January 11th, 2022

Are you up to a challenge?
See how the crew managed to do with this stick challenge!

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Tried with whole family. Nobody could. We will keep on training!

…and Tapio ? …

I can do that 😂😉!!!


...jää kyllä tekemättä - epäilenpä, ettei olisi onnistunut tuossakaan iässä...🙈🤔

Hyvä Kaisla!

Hyvä Kirsi. 👏. Olet jälleen kerran laatinut hyvän ja vaativan ohjelman. ⛵️🌊🌊🌊🌊

Hyvä Mauri!

Tapio Lehtinen sun mallisuoritusta ei clipissä näkynyt

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Friday January 7th, 2022

As Galiana and her crew, also Orthex SmartStore boxes are durable and multifunctional. Here we prove it!

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The testing started actually already in the 2018 Golden Globe Race, when I had all my foodstuff and provisions packed in Orthex boxes onboard Asteria - so also Asteriapproved:)!

Thanks Tapio Lehtinen Sailing! Happy our SmartStore boxes passed your tough tests, happy we can help😀👍🏼

Glad to see our SmartStore boxes in action and working in these tough conditions! 🙂

When in thé Navy WE learned that LOGISTIC ...could saved a submarine .


💪 Alexander Rosenlew

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Monday January 3rd, 2022

We did some cleaning and organising at the construction site during the weekend. With the old interior removed, Galiana is pretty empty inside. Also all the tracks, winches, and other hardware has been removed from the deck for renovating the teak. We have a lot to do before she sails again but we're well on schedule with the refit project and the team is eagerly looking forward to next summer and especially to 2023 and the Ocean Globe Race. As the saying goes, the first part of the race is to get to the starting line. We're well on our way! ... See MoreSee Less

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Maybe you should also remove the windlass, it's quite heavy piece of metal in the bow.

Paljon on mahtunut materiaalia, kun on tilava runko. Kaunis sulava rungonmuoto hämää ja tulee Ressun koirankoppi-efekti päältä pieni, mutta sisältä juhlallisen tilava. 🤗

”Pientä puunausta” 😂😂 Tsemiä projektiin!

Suuri työ, tsemppiä 😀

What kind of yacht is she ? ( Designer , Shipyard ) Thks

c'est le beau chantier , bonne équipe et surtout bien équipée, sans les furnitures ça parait immense

Kun itse tekee, tietää mihin luottaa 👍



j'ai hate de voir le montage

Wich next race for her ?

Mitä maalia käytitte?

good luck Tapio..💪👍

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