Our Partners


3stepIT is a Finnish company, operating internationally for over 20 years, offering Technology Lifecycle Management services. As a pioneer in circular economy solutions, with our help, our customers can sustainably manage IT device acquisition, financing, cost-efficient asset management, refreshing and disposal of IT. Our vision is to lead the world in Technology Lifecycle Management and our mission is to make organizations more sustainable at every step by reducing e-waste and CO2 emissions.

Our aim to act sustainably, build a carbon-neutral future and develop circular economy solutions forms a common value-base for our collaboration. Leaning on our Go Circular named ESG strategy, we have set a target to be carbon neutral by the year 2030. We help our customers to avoid CO2 emissions and reduce electronic waste by offering them our circular economy -based Technology Lifecycle Management solutions and services.

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Aava is one of Finland's largest private healthcare companies. We are a 100% Finnish family business. We want to stand out as a top-quality operator. Our goal is to offer a superior customer experience and to be the most desired workplace in our industry. We work hard to take better care of the customer's well-being, even between doctor visits.

As a family-owned company, we choose long-term over short term. For us, growth can only be sustainable when it adds to both the well-being of our people and our company. Our core value, understanding humanity, guides how we interact with our staff, our clients, and our collaborators: as people. For us, Human Sustainability is the only way to run a company, making sure people feel empowered and excited to care for themselves, each other, and our planet.

The different stages of Tapio's preparation have been recorded so that the trip can inspire sailors and everyone else who wants to live their own life. "Tapion Aava" is a short film that sheds light on the man behind sailing and opens up the lessons he has learned over the years.


Aktia provides private individuals, corporate customers and institutions with customer-oriented banking and financing solutions, based on close consultancy, through different channels. The individual needs of each customer are the starting point of everything we do.

Aktia aims to be a solvent, reliable and environmentally responsible partner for economic well-being and the most attractive workplace in the business. These values are well realized in our sailing partnership.

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Finnlines is one of the leading shipping operators of ro-ro and passenger services in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Bay of Biscay. We aim to be the most trusted partner for our customers by providing safe and high-quality sea transport services. We develop our service products actively by identifying our cargo customers’ and passengers’ needs. We provide reliable sea connections to both the private and the public sectors.

Sea and seafaring are essential to us. We are committed to long-term efforts for the environment. We look far into the future and make investments in energy efficiency and eco-efficient services as saving energy is the best way to reduce emissions and reach immediate results.

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Suomen Hyötytuuli is a wind energy production and development company with 750 GWh annual production. Through our new wind farm projects, the annual production is estimated to reach 1,2 TWh. We were the first to implement megawatt scale wind power plants in Finland and we built the world’s first offshore wind farm in frozen sea conditions in Pori, on the Finnish coast. The energy we produce is delivered to Finnish households and industry through our shareholders, eight Finnish energy companies.

We are building a carbon neutral world with wind power. For over twenty years, we have set the pace for Finnish wind energy development and production. We produce clean, renewable energy that does not generate emissions to air, water or soil. As a forward-looking and reliable operator, we manage the entire life cycle of our wind farms, from planning and construction to operating, maintenance and dismantling. Safely and responsibly, with regard to nature and the environment.

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Norsepower provides Rotor Sails which enable reducing fuel consumption and emissions of large cargo and passenger ships.
The mission of Norsepower is to reduce the environmental impact of shipping by providing Rotor Sails. Norsepower's mission aligns perfectly with the targets of Tapio Lehtinen Sailing and it is a great honour for Norsepower to partner with this project.

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